Contest of Young Bakers

By Ville d’Epernay & association des Métiers de Bouche d’Epernay
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  • Concours des p'tits pâtissiers
  • Concours des p'tits pâtissiers
From 4 to 6pm
Near Halle Saint-Thibault

Once again this year, the City of Epernay and the Association des Métiers de Bouche (Catering Professionals) of Epernay, collaborated to offer to 8-12 years of age an entertainment dedicated to them: the Contest of Young Bakers.

This gourmet and good-natured contest lets young chefs compete with each other. These young chefs have been qualified during a pre-selection on application forms. They will face each other in front of the audience, in Halle Saint-Thibault, by cooking a dessert with Christmas theme. For the occasion, they will get the help of a great Chef, also member of the jury.