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Les 8, 9 et 10 décembre 2023
Les 8, 9 et 10 décembre 2023
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Enhancement of a remarkable site

Epernay, the Capital City of Champagne, offers a unique gastronomic and cultural heritage. Situated at the heart of a vineyard territory covering 35, 000 hectares of vines, the city boasts world-famous Houses of Champagne, most of them being located in the avenue de Champagne. The city of Epernay welcomes more than 450, 000 visitors each year.

The Avenue de Champagne

110 km of prestigious cellars

Since the 18th century, the avenue de Champagne has become a place of choice for the sparkling wine. This straight track, more than one kilometre long, gathers the Committee of the Avenue de Champagne. The latter is composed with prestigious Houses of Champagne including Moët & Chandon, Demoiselle, Perrier-Jouët, De Venoge, Boizel, Pol Roger, De Castellane, Mercier, Comtesse Lafond, and some wine-growers such as A. Bergère, Collard-Picard, Michel Gonet, Paul-Etienne Saint Germain and Esterlin wine-making cooperative.
Today, nearly 200 million bottles are stored within 110 kilometres of cellars located under the avenue de Champagne and its surrounding streets. Some bottles are real treasures due to their age and rareness.

A unique architectural heritage

On this avenue you can also find many private mansions from the 19th century with Renaissance or Classical style. The Town hall, Castellane Tower or Château Perrier are even listed as historic monuments.

A dynamic park-avenue

The avenue de Champagne has been upgraded since 2006 with some refurbishment works. Redesigned after the concept of a park-avenue, it has become a haven for special events and welcomes two yearly recurrent events: Habits de Lumière and 14th July. The avenue has been acknowledged “Remarkable Site of Taste” since 1994. This label ranks it as national heritage and enhances the unique link between architecture, culture and gastronomy as presented to the general public.

Since July 2015, the property “Slopes, Houses & Cellars of Champagne” has been listed in UNESCO World Heritage in the category “Living evolutive cultural landscape”. The avenue de Champagne is part of the three testimony sites chosen to support candidacy

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